Hiko textile Inc. was established in 2001 and is a family business serving the international garment industry. Our company which started to export ready-made clothing from knitted fabric since the beginning of 2000 years has directed its investments to this field and increased the quality of service for all customers. Hiko textile has strengthened its supplier structure with its principles of ‘’quality and trust’’ Moreover, has succeeded in further raising customer loyalty.


In 2016, as a new generation, Hikmet Cem Kıran has brought a new breath to the ready-to-wear sector under the brand name ‘’MORREZ’’ Consequently  Hiko textile is confidently progressing with its experienced staff and steady steps to grow.

About us

Our mission

It is our mission is to be one of the most successful and best companies engaging in the sale and create value for our country, society, customers and employees by bringing up to date, focus on what our customers will want in the future, not just their current needs.

Our vision

It is our vision to become a trademark creating added value for its national economy and thus its country as well as being a trademark in great demand at home and abroad by always thinking about a step afterward, producing solutions and having a global perspective


Company Values

Hiko Tekstil

" Purpose is not 

to change people,

it is to give them

chance to tell

who they are. "

We manage all our processes on the basis of customer happiness and work to provide benefits to our customers. We always treat you gentle warm-blooded and friendly.

Customer Oriented

We try to understand our customers in the best way Furthermore will produce the most appropriate solutions that will respond to their needs in the most accurate way.

Solution Oriented

We believe that success is the product of team work and value team spirit. We see ourselves as not only our profession but also our passion.

Team Works





Quality Certificate


Trademark Registration


Bronze Achievement


Certificate of Achievement



With its 20 years of history, it is located in a covered area of 1,500 square meters in the Bağcılar-Güneşli town of the heart of istanbul, the first place where textile is established. It has made customer satisfaction the most meticulous way in designing, producing and packaging.

Main Product Segments

Knitted Fabric Products

For Men-Women-Kids and Sports


Main Product Groups

T-Shirts – Sweat Shirts

Leggings – Tops – Dresses


Main Fabrics

Single Jersey – Viscon

Interlock – Ripp

Pique – Jacquards

Cot / Pes 2 Fading

3 Fading – Chiffon

Poplin – Satin


Productive Time

Yarn Dyed – 8 weeks |  RPT – 6 weeks

Dyed – 5 weeks |  RPT – 4 weeks


The Collection

In exporting, women and men present their collections to customers and interpret their own collections. In addition, they are preparing a special collection in line with the demands of the customers.




Hiko Textile Automotive Construction Tourism Industry and Foreign Trade Co.

Hürriyet district. Yıldırım Beyazıt street.
No:41 Flat :3  Zip Code :34209
Bağcılar / İstanbul / Türkiye​

Email : info@hikoteks.com
Phone :  +90 212-602-05-88

Fax :  +90 212-602-07-24

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